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Scale Chemical Corporation is a professional chemicals supplier, exporting bulk chemical matierials (e.g. 2-Ethylanthraquinone(CAS#:84-51-5), Phosphorous Acid(CAS#:13598-36-2), and Glycidyl Methacrylate(Gma) (CAS#: 106-91-2), ect.) to various countries and regions aroud the world (such as USA, Germany, UK, Brazil, Russia, Iran, ect.), with high quality, competitive price, fast supply and professional service.
Our Advantage (3P+5S):
1.Focusing on the fine chemical PRODUCT.
2.Providing with the high quality PRODUCT.
3.Offering the competitive PRICE.
4.Possessing the large and stable SUPPLY.
5.Having a set of professional logistics SERVICE.
6.Owning the complete after-sales SERVICE.
7.Equiping with the excellent QC SERVICE.
8.Supplying custom chemicals SERVICE.
gasoline additive/Octane booster: N-Methylaniline NMA (CAS:100-61-8)
Time(GMT) : 15 Apr, 2019
Price : U.S.$ 1.9 ~ 2